Wholesale Women Fashion Watches – Find Out the Top 10 Brands!

Women love to collect fashion or jewelry items such as watch. This piece of jewelry for women is smaller and more elegant in appearance compared to men’s watches. Women wear watches more loosely on the wrist and are not worn all the time because watches should match their outfit.

If they are wearing something casual then the watch should also complement the casual look. If a girl is sporting a rugged look then her watch should go with a sporty look. For women, watches are more of a jewelry piece than a timepiece.

From the hundreds of brand and designs of fashion watches, we have picked out the top 10 brand of fashion watches for women.

1. Seiko Watches – they have a wide range of just about any watch style and movement that one might be interested in. They are also offered in a variety of price ranges.

2. Fossil Watches – they have oodles of watches that will suit your fancy. Styles and prices can be easily compared because they are bunched together. They also have the widest selection that comes in different styles to suit the needs of every woman.

3. Timex Ladies Watches – You can browse through the multiple pages of Timex’s catalog. A huge variety awaits every woman. One can spend more time going through the pages and comparing the styles and prices.

4. Swiss Army Watches – their design and styles are very functional and you can find that most of their watches have all kinds of little gadgets attached to them without sacrificing the beauty of the design. The watches have lots of features in different price ranges.

5. Bulova Women’s Watches – There is a vast array of styles that do fall below $ 100 although mostly have a tag price of $ 100 and above.

6. Casio Watches – Most of their selections are very comfy and casual. They have great prices for their nice selection.

7. DKNY Watches for Women – Unlike Bulova, most of the DKNY watches are priced under $ 100, with several under $ 50. Their selection is a mix of traditional and contemporary designs.

8. Fendi Watches – If you are into luxurious fashion watches then Fendi has a lot to offer. They have this wide selection of awesome watch styles but are very expensive indeed.

9. Citizen Watches – One can choose from a lot of styles with a whole range of price.

10. Omega Watches – They have terrific designs but are also expensive.

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