The Four Most Popular Summer Sports Part I

The key is to ensure that the start and stick to a specific training schedule? find the form (s) activity, which you will do with pleasure no matter how loaded your life. Regular exercise will not only help to improve the shape, but also raise the spirits. Even if you’ve ever considered themselves to be awkward and angular, you still have a sport that you learn? You’re an athlete now!

Especially fun doing things you love with a friend or friends. Even these individual sessions, like roller skating or jogging can be turned into an event together. You’ll try to keep up with each other and, ultimately, will be on the move for longer than if you were doing it alone. Such races or races could be scheduled, and you’ll always be in touch with your friends.

When you find a sport to taste, it will benefit not only the body but the soul. During the exercise produced beta-endorphins, or the so-called “happy hormones” that help to see any sad situation in another optimistic light. You’ll burn fat surpluses throughout the body, improve the cardiovascular system and significantly reduce the risk of heart failure, stroke or diabetes.

As with any other exercises in conjunction with or without dieting, get permission from their doctor before beginning workouts described in this article.

For those of us who like to travel on my own two feet “is a pleasant fact: Walking burns as many calories as jogging at the same distance. The average person weighing 68 kg. burns up to 100 calories per 1.6 km. Walk 45 minutes a day at a speed of 6.5 km / h? and help you lose 6 kg. without dieting!

Walking is an impressive collection of useful properties. It improves cardiovascular endurance, lower blood pressure, relieves stress, gets rid of excess weight, strengthens leg muscles and the press, and can even improve the quality of sleep. With the distance you can and improve and tone muscles, and their power: it is working all the muscles of the legs and arms, shoulders, press, thighs and buttocks. Walking is also an excellent prevention of osteoporosis (bone loss).

Plus, walking provides a significant emotional lift. Catching up on it for their own health, you become more energy you will be able to better cope with stress and difficult situations, and you will not resist the influx of oppressive, depressive mood, from what may have suffered before.

All you need to walk? a pair of good shoes. In walking shoes should be a support system of the foot, and raised on 13-20 mm. heel. Once you have found a shoe, you can walk in anytime and anywhere.

Of suitable sites for walking include sidewalk area where you live, school stadiums, hiking trails, etc. But no matter where you go, do not forget about the general safety rules: Always walk on well-lit areas, preferably where a lot of other pedestrians, and tell a friend or family member where you are going and when to plan to return. Then they can seek help in case you have not returned within a certain period of time.

To get even more pleasure from walking Vary your workout. Walk with friends. Change the route. Play games, for example, consider the different types of shirts to passers-by. Every time I’ve noticed the distance traveled. You might even want to go to the “holiday camp”, Boston, Paris or any other city in the world? a great opportunity to combine business with pleasure!

Yes, walking? is a matter of rearranging one foot ahead of another, but proper technique will help to conduct your training more efficiently and with less risk of injury. So, concentrate on the following issues in the classroom:

Arms should be bent at a right angle and move back and forth, but not in hand. The palms should not divert more hip and above the chest. Keep your hands closer to the torso

Do not shake your hips or forward-backward or from side to side? they need to stay relaxed in order to maintain the flexibility needed to maintain speed

Step begins with the heel completely dropping it on the ground (with the toe is bent in the direction of the shin). As you step, the foot rolls from heel to instep, instep with the front leg, ending his fingertips, and the step ends.

To determine the correct length of your step length at which you feel comfortable, you need to lean forward from hips (not bending at the waist), as if falling. The fall is interrupted by a step forward. This will be the length of your natural pitch.

The correct position of the body promotes maximum efficiency of motion, endurance and overall comfort. Keep your chin raised, lowered and straightened his shoulders, chest lifted, abs-chosen and drawn, strained buttocks, knees relaxed

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