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World?s Most Attractive Women Over 50

If you think that only young and beautiful women have chances to earn a position in the entertainment and beauty industries, it may be not true. Actually, there are some over-fifty-year-old ladies, who still build her fame by their ageless attractiveness and talent like Madonna, Oprah Winfrey and Angela Bassett.   Madonna Though Madonna is

World?s Best Dressed Women in 2010

The Vogue magazine gives out the list of best dressed women in the world every year. In 2010, the magazine has recently announced worldwide the women that have best fashion style. In the list, Kate Moss was elected as the best dressed women of the decade. Pop singer Lady Gaga took home the prize of

World?s Top Sports Brands 2011

Nike ranks first in Forbes list of the most valuable sports brands. The Nike brand is worth $ 15 billion and has a 38% share of branded footwear industry.  Following Nike is ESPN with $ 11,5 billion, Adidas with $ 5 billion, Sky Sports, and Gatorade. 1. Nike Brand Value: $ 15 billion Known as

World?s Most Attractive Men in 2010

“The Sexiest Man Alive” is one of the yearly special issues organized by People, the weekly American magazine of celebrity. The issue is aimed to give out the list of the world’s sexiest man. It is considered as a benchmark of male attractiveness and opened from mid November to early December every year. This year,