Legitimate Procedures for getting your Trade Licensed as a Women?s Business Enterprise

A women’s business enterprise, as defined by the federal government, means an individual enterprise which is completely owned by a female. In case of a public corporation, at least fifty one percent of the overall shares must be possessed by a female. Any type of women-owned trade is eligible to receive government grants and loans. A third party plays no role in validating this information that a particular business is female owned however, when a lady wants, she can have her business authorized as a certified woman-owned business, from the municipal authorities.

Based on the recent America Census records, approximately twenty percent of the total ladies were engaged in such home-based trade, until 2002. However, this information substantially improved in 2008 where, approximately forty eight percent of all the businesses were run by housewives. Currently, in case you’re managing a home-based business and you are a female who owns such trade, you may easily have it licensed from the National Association of Women’s Business Owners Corp. (NWBOC) or Women’s Business Enterprise National Council.

To get your business approved as a certified woman-owned business, you’ll need to sign up to NWBOC, together with the required papers. The submitted records must claim that the company is entirely run, organized and managed by ladies. Furthermore, women must be 51% stock owners in such cases. You may submit partnership agreement contracts, incorporation documents as well as country DBA for getting the certification.

Further, the NWBOC authority receives the application and the submitted documents. Next, they verify that who’s the legitimate owner of this enterprise and once this verification procedure is over and the paperwork is extensively inspected, a site inspector is sent to your workplace to monitor your daily functions. He verifies the other aspects of the women’s business enterprise and, sends in his final report.

Once the NWBOC professionals have fulfilled all the formalities, they will write a letter to the business owner, informing them whether their enterprise has been approved as a certified woman-owned business or not. In case they’ve rejected the application, they’ll point out a legitimate reason as to why this enterprise has not been legalized.

Now, since you are aware of all of the legal formalities regarding this enterprise, I am confident that you’ll be able to get your trade legalized. If you want to receive money for a women’s business enterprise, you can contact WomenBiz, Women’s Office of Small Business Association (WOSBA) or other organizations for help!

Several organizations like Women’s Biz, Women’s office of Small Business Association (WOSBA) and National Association of Women Business Owners Corp. assist females in managing their certified woman-owned business. If you’re a female who wishes to operate a women’s business enterprise, you can visit our website for getting more details on women’s trade opportunities and other formalities.

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