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Remember These Things – Watches For Ladies

In the past, making the choice of watches For Ladies was not so much for the problem, but over the years, the making of the choice for this has improved. Not everyone is rich. The major watch making companies know this fact, henceforth, they are using this fact to make the watches that are making

Sports Awards: Epitomizing Your Pride

It is always a matter of a great deal of prestige when one receives an award. All areas of life hold a special award. One such area is sports. Sports are a competitive and skilful physical activity. There have been many awards introduced as a part of the Prize Giving Ceremony in Sports, all across

The U.s.s. Squalus-39 Hours At The Bottom Of The Sea

In September of 1939, the U.S.S. Squalus, a submarine with a crew of 59, was undergoing sea trials off the coast of Portsmouth. Everything seemed ready and the submarine began to dive. Somehow water began to flood in the aft compartments and the ship sank 243 feet and landed upright on the bottom. The 26